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All-Star Game

This is an event where each individual will be able to show their talents and abilities to impress coaches. There is no event like this All Star Game. What makes this event differ from just any all star game is that we also provide the opportunity for athletes to be put in our database to help them land at a school for the next football season. Next, we have given each team a coaching group as well as time to work with, practice, and build with in order to perform well during the all star game. This can also show the coaches and groups how well each player can take direction, work within a team, and execute. This event is for athletes that have no offers as well as no interest in a school. This event is to help guide underrated individuals to the right school to continue their career. We at TTP truly strive and intend on putting each athlete in the best position to gain exposure. The SGV v IE All Star Game  will be held in Southern California and will welcome all spectators.

Location : Citrus College

Time : 6pm

February 16, 2020

This event will be live streamed for coaches and spectators who can not make the game. To get the link please email us, asking for it!

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Helping each athlete gain a scholarship after this event is our main goal. Therefore, Division II, III, NAIA, and JC coaches will be in attendance. Many Division I programs will be watching the game live stream.

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