Train with the best!

Trust The Process Athletics is a high performance training program. We work hard to develop athletes to become the best they can possibly be. Seeing results in a short period of time will be our intentions for each athlete. Making strides to greatness is a daily goal as we have high standards for each individual. 


TTP provides some of the best training around. Working with athletes in every sport is what we do here. Perfecting the athletes crafts while identifying any weakness puts the athlete on a better ground to get stronger, faster and solid at their desired position. 

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TTP holds many camps throughout the year for football, basketball, and track. We hold these camps to progress talents in a small period of time but to also work on enhancing the athletes competitive skills.

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Meal Plans

Consuming the right foods while training is key. TTP will sit down with an individual and create a meal plan within minutes. Having a strong and healthy body is essential to perform at peak levels. TTP will struture a meal plan that will benefit each individual athlete.

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Injury Recovery​

Injuries happen frequently while being an athlete. We have a service for athletes to recover at the fastest rate. Our recovery techniques will have athletes back on their playing grounds in no time.

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International Clinics

TTP visits other countries to expand the American sport. At these clinics the athletes  are given the opportunities to showcase their skills and learn how to improve. Teaching not only the best techniques but fundamentals as well, will give these athletes the best knowledge of the game they play.

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